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Eddie Paton will be appearing on CBC Radio's Fresh Air May 5, 2018 to talk about our new production release SOLIS! Stay tuned for details. April 5, 2018

North Ivar Media releases PALMAS music video with Latin fusion dancers and Eddie Paton's debut solo album SOLIS - November 2017

Bret is working on distribution for the soundtrack he co-music supervised for the film La Navaja de Don Juan ,produced in LA and shot in Peru - February 2016

Eddie posts the music video for HIGHWAY ONE on his You Tube channel - August 2015

Eddie and Bret mix the last track of their third album production, SOLIS  - a solo work by Eddie - July 2015

Sultans of String are nominated for a Juno award for their album SYMPHONY! which contains a cover of the ReDuX:RMx award-winning track PALMAS. Eddie performs the track with orchestra on the release - March 2015

Eddie and Bret are in the studio working on their third album, which will feature original electronica and ambient style guitar tracks and a cover track - stay tuned for the secret reveal!  - November 2014

An orchestral version of PALMAS from TWO will be recorded for the next Sultans of String CD release - October 20, 2012 

PALMAS from TWO is a finalist in the Instrumental category of the 2012 International Songwriting contest -March 2012

Eddie Paton tours UK with Sultans of String - January 2012  

Bret Menezes begins production on LA music documentry "Nocturne in the City of Angels" - October 2011
Sultans of String has been nominated for a 2010 JUNO AWARD for Best Instrumental Album of the Year for their album, YALLA YALLA! Eddie Paton is a touring band member and plays guitar on this outstanding world music CD - March 3, 2010 

ReDuX:RMx scores and records 45 minutes of original world, orchestral electronica music for the exciting live-action show, PIRATES UNLEASHED on the Gold Coast of Australia’s SEAWORLD and WARNER VILLAGE - September 19, 2009

WARNER MUSC EUROPE releases ELEMENTS VOL. 8 compilation featuring music by ReDuX:RMx from TWO - June 9, 2009


DARK HORSE  wins honor award in the Great American Song Contest - March 31, 2008
DARK HORSE from TWO is a world adventure in cinematic orchestral and choral music blended with electronica and nu-jazz guitar with the big picture climax at the end of the track.

PALMAS selected as Latin Finalist Winner in the JOHN LENNON SONGWRITING CONTEST - March 10, 2008
The hot Gipsy Kings style track, PALMAS from TWO, has just won finalist in the Latin category of the John Lennon International Songwriting Competition.

Talk about an honor - to win in a world-wide music competition that is named after a true hero of modern music. We admire John’s creativity, individuality and peace initiatives. Our music takes its influences from cultures around the world and we experiment with eclectic instrumentation, audio bending and unexpected changes - very much inspired by John. It makes it all worthwhile to be acknowledged in this way.

RAPTURE makes ISC semi finals! - January 29, 2008
We're ecstatic that one of the singles from TWO, our second CD release, has been selected as a semi-finalist in the 2007 International Songwriting Competition (ISC) in the Instrumental category.The track is world, rock eclectic with hints of electronica and film orchestration: think belly dancing and Eddie Van Halen. The instrumentation juxtaposes steel guitar with the Middle Eastern lute, called an oud. The rhythms and orchestration climaxes to a Van Halen style guitar solo - an unpredictable change up. 

ReDuX:RMx TWO makes Top Seller and Editors' Pick List - December 4, 2007
Within the first two weeks of its release, ReDuX:RMx TWO makes the CDBABY Editors' Pick and Top Seller lists in the Electronic nu-jazz genre. 

Ideas on the upcoming release of ReDuX:RMx TWO - October 7, 2007
The word redux can refer to a work that has been brought back, revived, restored or revisited. ReDuX:RMx had this in mind in creating Latin, cool and funk jazz for contemporary musical tastes - bridging new audio techniques with old-school musical forms and exotic world instruments. For purists, the original musical compositions were recorded live in the studio. For the adventurous, ReDuX:RMx used new sonic digital technologies as instruments. It was an organic creative process. It was also in keeping with the concept of our label, Race of Tan Records:  the coming together of races and cultures in the art and spirit of music.

 ReDuX:RMx didn’t want to create Logo Pop that would be dumbing and disposable. We wanted to musically challenge you - without the attitude. And we wanted to make sophisticated, yet accessible original contemporary music based on historically influential jazz styles and global musical cultures that would fit your urban, cosmopolitan lifestyle. Enjoy. 

ReDuX:RMx tracks used on RUN ROBOT RUN feature film - July 30, 2006
Two tracks, TAO TAO and LOS FELIZ, from ReDuX:RMx Volume 1 were used on the SciFi Comedy film, RUN ROBOT RUN, directed by Daniel O'Connor. The Canadian feature played at the Austin, Victoria Independent and Omaha Film festivals as well as the CBC and the Canadian Filmakers Festival. 

Bret Menezes composes music for Toronto Fashion Cares - June 3, 2006

ReDuX:RMx Volume 1 in CDBABY's top lounge electronica albums - June 6, 2005
ReDuX:RMx Volume 1 was one of the top selling lounge-electronic albums on CDBABY, with downloads through iTunes Canada, iTunes Europe and iTunes USA.